GRATIS & One-Stop Music

POC Media is the only company of its kind, with thousands of songs available for GRATIS use on sports programming, promos, social media, and commercial bumps. These are songs that are currently receiving regional radio airplay as well as DSP exposure through Spotify and Apple Music.


At POC, GRATIS means more than just songs that are free of master and sync fees. GRATIS music from POC Media is also free of all union (AFTRA, SAG, & AFM) and PRO fees, allowing for instant clearances.


Similarly, POC Media can provide economical one-stop licensing of songs from more than a thousand independent artists whose music is currently receiving DSP exposure and radio airplay. Our indie one-stop music is free of all union fees, and can be cleared on a one-stop basis within minutes.


POC Media enjoys unique access to the hottest new artists from regions throughout North America. Our A&R team, supported by music aggregators, provides a continuous pipeline of new one-stop music for film, television, commercials, and trailers.